Low_Hitpoint_Warning and Starvation_Warning don't work on winbeta4
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Low_Hitpoint_Warning and Starvation_Warning don't work on winbeta4
Those options are available and enabled by default in ADOM 1.1.1 winbeta4, but do not seem to work.

The manual states the following under "Appendix B: Customizing ADOM":

true, false: if set to true ADOM will beep (or flash the screen if beeping is impossible but flashing is possible on your system) if the hitpoints of your character fall below 20% (or 15 -- whichever is lower).

true, false: if set to 'true', ADOM will beep if you are in danger of starving.
However, these options do not operate as intended in the Windows beta 4 port.

How to reproduce it
With those options enabled, make a PC reach their respective conditions while playing under winbeta4. Notice the lack of effect.

I believe these work fine in the DOS port under DOSBox.
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04-07-2012 10:50 AM
jt jt is offline
@anon123: you're using Windows NT, right? The windows version of ADOM calls a Win32 function called Beep(), and Windows NT requires some parameter values that are ignored by higher Windows versions (e.g. XP). This problem might be caused by these parameter values.

04-07-2012 05:27 PM
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@anon123: you're using Windows NT, right?
Haha, no - I'm on 7. I only pick "Windows NT" for my reports because I couldn't find "Windows 7" and didn't spot Vista, which would be the closest thing (then I kept on doing it for the sake of uniformity, since 7 = NT 6.1 after all). Sorry about that!

But I've been an XP user until last year, and winbeta's beeping never worked there either.

04-08-2012 10:02 AM
jt jt is offline
Ok, I guess it never worked then. I'll see how I can fix this (and maybe Thomas can add "Windows 7" to the list of operating systems). :)

04-22-2014 07:25 PM
jt jt is offline
Fixed (a long time ago). Windows sound effects (for errors) have to be enabled for this to work.

ADOM now uses the MessageBeep() Win32 function: "A simple beep. If the sound card is not available, the sound is generated using the speaker."

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