Smarter / sneakier enemies
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Smarter / sneakier enemies
A more subtle approach to level scaling, perhaps?

As I was thinking about level scaling (wich I hate in general), I thought of a more subtle and realistic approach. Make the monsters a bit smarter. Only those with working brains, obviously.

1) First, you give the PC a 'danger level'. A number, influenced by class, race, level and to a lesser degree by stats and equipment. Possibly also other things, doomed status for example, or artifacts.
2) Enemies respond to the danger level, comparing it to their own 'danger level'.
3) If they see it as very low, there is a greater chance of them ignoring the PC (might vary with enemy type). If they see it as low or medium, they're more likely to be aggressive. And if it's high, they'll try to avoid a fight. Some enemies will do that by sneaking, some by running, some humanoids might even surrender or try bribes.

The sneaking would be a complicated thing to implement, but it could also be used for aggressive monsters, assassins and such. And you could have the stealth skill make it much easier to spot hiding monsters. And have the Search command look for any hidden enemies within line of sight (an opposed check, I guess?).
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10-15-2013 01:52 PM
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The 'danger level' would also influence npc behaviour, for example if it's high, the farmers would bow and make room for you. If it's low, the beggars would bother you much more. Effects could include:
- Pets and followers loyalty and obedience
- Shop prices and (weakly) available items
- Quests given and quest rewards
- Gods' responses to prayers and sacrifices
- Type of opponents in an arena or similar scenario
- Artifacts could require a certain danger level before 'cooperating'

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