Character generation / number of talents
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Character generation / number of talents

When starting a new "roguelike" game, creating a character: sword star sign, male, troll, barbarian. Then choose to adjust attributes by points, the amount of talents gained are shown wrong.

You should get (with this character type) one talent and one extra, if the sum of attributes is divisable by 7. When you adjust the attributes like so that it shows you will get 2 talents and go the the next screen to pick the talents, you only get one. It adds the +1 learning from the sword star sign so the attributes aren't divisible by 7.

When you adjust the attributes in a way that you would need one more point to reach the "divisible by 7", you get to pick two talents (even the counter says 1), as the sword star sign gives +1 learning.

So the "talents gained" counter shows the wrong amount, when you get +attributes from (at least the sword) star sign.

Mana was so low (one-digit) with all testing so it does not affect this (more talents with high mana attribute).
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