Killing Yergius at the sheriff's request should not make you head of the thieves' guild
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Killing Yergius at the sheriff's request should not make you head of the thieves' guild

The 7000 gold piece reward for the Kill Yergius quest gets heavily counteracted by the worse prices you receive for being the new head of the thieves' guild. As the character is bringing Yergius to justice on behalf of the sheriff, it would make sense for both story and gameplay if killing him didn't make you the head of thieves' guild in this situation.
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01-13-2018 09:22 PM
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I agree, but also there should be the option to become the head of the thieves guild with the quest somehow.

01-17-2018 11:31 PM
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Perhaps a conversation option about "Taking up your rightful place as the new Head of the Thieves Guild" with a y/n answer could be added to unique monsters in Terinyo?

01-17-2018 11:48 PM
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Agreed, in general becoming the head of the Thieves' Guild should be something that is enabled by the player killing Yergius, but is fundamentally their choice to do or not do.

03-11-2018 12:57 PM
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I like the new thief level, but the effect of finishing the quest does require more thought.

How about an altar to the god of thieves somewhere in the level, and you become the head of the guid by (a) killing Yergius and (b) sacrificing 6666 gold on the altar? Another option would be if Yergius had a special badge or amulet, which you can either wear to become the guildmaster or return to Twyat Pare. If you wear it even once before seeing Twyat, he refuses to take it and shakes his head sadly... 'I hoped you would resist the temptation...'

Becoming guildmaster should also have some effect for the rest of the game other than just higher prices and an achievement line. Maybe the guild level could spawn a gold pile periodically, since you get a share of what all the other thieves are taking. Maybe you can tame thieves who you meet in the dungeon just by 'C'hatting with them.


03-12-2018 11:37 AM
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I suggest two ways out:
a) Game prompts "Do you want to become the head of thieves guild?".
b) Allignment-based, chaotics always become, lawfuls never and neutrals becomes if they killed by iself and don't become if it was a quest from sheriff.

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