make keethrax easier
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make keethrax easier

I'm sure many years ago he was an easier enemy, I seem to remember an easier quest. You have to have high DPS (an admantium weapon or better I'd say) to outrun his regenerating health.
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08-19-2020 01:15 PM
Keethrax scales with PC level. You can rush do DD:7 to mitigate that but you're making precrowning harder.

Rewards for Keethrax are much better than Yrrigs (not talking about !oUH scumming) and Keethrax is a pushover, really - his cats pose more challenge than him.

02-26-2021 12:12 AM
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I'd at least tone down his ability to drain stats, it's just ridiculous.

03-02-2021 04:04 AM
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Keethrax is vulnerable to acid and magic missiles.

With magic missiles, a wand will do as long as you can bounce it off a wall and hit him twice.

Wand of acid makes short work of him, or a spell if you've got it.

And yeah, he gets worse the longer you wait. I usually make my way down to L7 and if I haven't found anything to beat him by then, I will leave. He is then fixed at that difficulty level.

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