give thieves the dodge skill
issueid=6668 02-04-2021 03:38 PM
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give thieves the dodge skill

Seems thematically in keeping with the class.
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02-15-2021 03:46 PM
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Quite the opposite, I would think dodge is a skill you gain by fighting a lot. The more often you engage in brawls the better you get at dodging blows. Therefore the melee classes start with it. Thieves are however the opposite of a fighting class. They try to evade fights completely and their skillset reflects that they find ways to achieve their goals without having to fight - or even being seen at all.

02-26-2021 12:07 AM
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I'd rather give them ventriloquism and with good dice too. Makes sense for them to be able to distract other beings so they can pilfer their stuff.

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