undead former chars -- OP or fair play?
issueid=6678 02-24-2021 01:01 AM
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undead former chars -- OP or fair play?

IMO these fall into the same category as the royal guardians, i.e. completely mis-balanced if they're meant to be sport for anyone except the most over-equipped characters.

I reached the CoC graveyard level and one of my former chars spawned as a spectre. I was lv22 and had 50 pv and had recently breezed the frost giant vault from the ice queen quest. Every hit from the spectre, while not armour penetrating, landed normal damage that exceeded my pv, and drained both strength and toughness. I tried using slaying ammo on him but every hit missed. I ended up using SEVEN wand of fireball zaps from the dwarf quest reward to kill him, and the loot wasn't even worth it. I know the game doesn't aspire to be completely balanced but this just seems like nothing but a kick in the nuts and I'm not sure if that's the dev intention... (Imagine if I were the typical stats and level of someone passing through the graveyard, rather than the exceptionally buff char I was...)
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02-26-2021 12:02 AM
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Personally, I disabled the ghosts for all subsequent plays. I don't like the outcomes of a past game affecting my current game.
That said, perhaps there should be some smart way of placing them around dungeons?
Say, you died ten times and all your dead chars had levels between 10-40.
For the future characters, perhaps the game should keep a pool of these dead chars and randomly spawn an appropriate challenge at a relatively similar game stage.
It would need to be an extremely low chance to spawn, in practice less than 1 per game, so sometimes you don't see them at all, in order to keep a fairly "valid" pool of ghosts to spawn.
I don't know, seeing as me and probably a fair chunk of other players disabled ghosts anyway, maybe these are moot points.

As for the formal part of this RFE, I'm not sure what voting either way would aim to achieve. If I vote yes, does that mean I want them nerfed? Or that I agree they are too strong?

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