Replacing strings in adom.msg (Tiles mode)
issueid=6723 09-02-2021 04:21 AM
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Replacing strings in adom.msg (Tiles mode)
Replacing strings in adom.msg results in the new strings not displaying immediately

If a string is replaced in adom.msg, players need to press any key in order to see the replaced message. The space key works, which doesn't require losing a turn.

This issue is only present while in "Tiles" mode.

If another message is displayed in the same turn as the message that was altered in adom.msg, the 2 messages display immediately and on the same line, suggesting that the issue may be a lack of a carriage return / new line. I was unable to find a way to force a carriage return from adom.msg.

Coloring strings works perfectly in Tiles mode; this issue is only related to replacing strings.
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Issue Number 6723
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