"A serious internal error has occurred" - Scroll of Entropy
issueid=6733 09-24-2021 04:02 PM
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"A serious internal error has occurred" - Scroll of Entropy
Reading Scroll of Entropy resulted in Serious Internal Error

First of all, thanks for building and maintaining such a cool game.

The game generated an error message and asked that I quote the following message and describe what I was doing at the time:
"Putting a monster (ancient minotaur, 407) at a blocked place (58, 7) [1] {23/4}"
It then said it was trying to fix it by deleting the monster, but it could still ruin the game :-(

This resulted from me reading an uncursed Scroll of Entropy on R4: 6 (Antediluvian Dungeon). It seems to only have changed one creature too. Or at least it didn't change the creature I was hoping to change: the hostile white unicorn.
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