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Typo collection

From bug list:

The following typos were fixed:

Polemarms - It says 'Affinity for polemarms' in the initial selection screen for talents.


Adequataly - It says 'and adequataly connected to the flow of mana' in the monster memory for a displacer beast.

To you - The game asks: 'What type of scroll to you wish to create?'

With missing - A weather report: 'The sky is filled blazing stars.'

Is fills - Another weather report: 'This moon-lit night is fills with oppressive heat.'

On/in - When entering the Old Barbarian's clearing, the message that appears is 'You immediately feel at peace on this beautiful clearing.'

Skeletal king (monster memory) - Both instances of "It's" should be "Its,". Also, the fifth sentence seems as if it should begin "Skeletal kings" instead of "Skeletal Kings,".

Greater white unicorn - Missing 'to' in its speech: 'Once I will be able all corruption that has been inflicted upon you.'

Absolutly - It says 'You feel absolutly mad!' after eating a greater claw bug corpse.

Two weapon - One message is: 'Weight of the two weapon'.

Water orb - The message when putting the orb is 'Suddenly the humidity dispenses and everything is normal once more.' - it should be 'disperses'.

Tamborine - It should be Tambourine(s).

'The the djinni is gone.' - There is a 'the' too much in the message displayed when a djinni disappears.

Homunculus (monster memory) - It says: 'They are able to make you fall asleep by touch you.' It should be '[...] asleep by touching [...]'.
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12-09-2012 06:46 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by Alucard
I actually like the original better :P

12-13-2012 08:02 PM
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From the manual for Chaos Knights

"Now they serve as might warriors and brutal fighters" -> mighty
I feel 'brutal' is overused
"The more powerful chaos knights become the more effectively they wield the forces of Corruption." -> I had a hard time parsing this. Definitely need a comma after "become".

Mist elf manual:
"the span of a single Mist Elves life. " -> Elf's, for possession, not plural

12-13-2012 09:20 PM
Ancient Member
Mist elves, background story:

As a young adult your community prepared you for the final step towards
adolescence: Your Destiny Quest in the Mists of Time. In the full knowledge
that this quest will change you forever you finally entered the Mists tht
birthed you and emerged changed... as decreed by the Dreamers from Beyond.

12-13-2012 10:25 PM
Ancient Member
"Former members of the common races they have fallen..." (Add a comma after "races")
"Clad in mighty armors, wielding brutal weapons they slay their foes" (I believe this would look better as "Clad in mighty armors and wielding brutal weapons, they slay their foes..."

"At level 6 chaos knights being to regenerate" (begin)
"They are lost to Law and Balance" (on)
"At level 50 they receivea PV bonus of +4d6" (receive a)

12-13-2012 10:50 PM
Senior Member
"They are lost to Law and Balance" actually makes more sense than "They are lost on Law and Balance".

The forces of Law and Balance have lost the CK and will never recover him.

12-14-2012 12:17 AM
Ancient Member
To me, "lost to" sounds like chaos knights are claimed by law and balance, just like "I lost my orcish spear to an acid trap" means the trap took the spear away. Hence my suggestion, although on second thought, the correct wording might be "Law and Balance are lost on them".


Oh, and thanks Alu for your spoiler posts :D

12-14-2012 08:25 AM
Ratlings have typo in manual entry: "weight 90 to 120 punds" -- should be "pounds"

Edit: Eh, too late.

12-14-2012 08:31 AM
Ancient Member
If you 'U'se lumps of clay, the message is "You knead the lump of way". Should be "clay" I think.

12-14-2012 08:33 AM
Chaos knight manual entry: "potentialy ursurping" -- "usurping"

12-14-2012 02:45 PM
Ancient Member
Mist Elves manual entry:

"They physique is weak..." Should be "Their".

"Thus their prefer to wear..." Should be "they".

"...deep in the hills but no normal known has ever seen one of their settlements." I'm not english, but this sounds strange. Maybe, "...deep in the hills, but no known mortal has ever seen...".

Ratlings manual entry:

"These humanoid lean and wiry rats thrive in larger..." Maybe "These lean and wiry humanoid rats..."

Chaos knights manual entry:

"At level 6 chaos knights being to regenerate wounds when they become infused with corruption."

I think there is the word "able" or similar missing after being, but "able" doesn't sound right either. It happens automatically, "able" makes it sound like they have a choice.

Perhaps simply: "At level 6 chaos knights regenerate wounds when they become infused with corruption."

12-14-2012 08:41 PM
Senior Member
Gargantuan rats monster memory

"this elephant sized thing" -> "this elephant-sized thing"
"Its huge, its plate sized eyes" -> "Its huge plate-sized eyes"
"eagerly muster you like a tasty morsel" -> ?? "eagerly eye you"

12-14-2012 09:12 PM
Ancient Member
Quote Originally Posted by Alucard
Gargantuan rats monster memory

"Its huge, its plate sized eyes" -> "Its huge plate-sized eyes"
"Its huge plate-sized eyes" -> "It is huge, its plate-sized eyes"

12-15-2012 11:53 PM
Ancient Member
Critically hitting a monster with the ancient scythe as a chaos knight produced incorrect interpunction: "You hit the wight You regenerate. and critically hit it."

01-04-2013 08:30 PM
Senior Member
Duelist manual

"Thus, the ability to accurately peĞrceive ,
their surroundings, and gracefully move through it"
"Thus, the ability to accurately perceive
their surroundings, and gracefully move through them"

"When endowed in this way they ,
receive a multitude of benefits:"
"When endowed in this way they
receive a multitude of benefits:"

"At level 18 they can glove
slap opponents by giving gauntlets to them (for 2d3+ turns)."
"At level 18 they can glove
slap opponents by giving gauntlets to them (for a 2d3-turn stun)."

01-04-2013 11:29 PM
Ancient Member
"Sorry, but we only sell wonderful gifts. We don't buy anything. If ye art a rich man, please try da gambling machines in da next hall. (missing " at the end)
"The uncursed trapped clothes [+0, +0] glow in a purple light... and explodes with unprecedented force!" (explode; seems this message doesn't respect plurals)

01-07-2013 06:33 PM
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Fixed most of the new typos, I need to discuss one or two with Thomas first.

01-07-2013 08:55 PM
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Disrecard that- those were already added.

01-13-2013 09:07 PM
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p9 hints for new players: all occurrences of "unexperienced" should be "inexperienced"

01-13-2013 10:47 PM
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Maybe not a pure typo but I had this as monster memory for PC in prerelease 9:

A moderately experienced dark elven duelist. He is strong, dumb, headstrong,
graceful, healthy, good-looking, , adequately connected to the flow of mana.
and quite alert. He sidesteps many attacks. He is heavily armored.

(extra comma and space, period instead of space)

01-16-2013 11:39 PM
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From F'rank, the flesh golem, description (both description and typo reported by Arbot):
This flesh golem seems almost sentient, and you are sure you can detect words in its groans. It is huge and slow, but incredibly hardy. Electical sparks jump between metal bolts on its neck. (missing 'r')

From Nuin, the doppleganger, description (both description and mistake reported by grobblewobble):
"You meet Nuin, the doppleganger. This was a warrior from a long forgotten epoch that was trying to please others too much. He was cursed and turned into the doppleganger that takes the form of passing travellers and preys on them." (should be a doppleganger)

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