Illogical messages
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Illogical messages

From typo collection (

[1] "An used tome (100s) is lying here." (A used tome)
[2] "You drop the 1 gold piece.", "A 1 gold piece is lying here." (You drop 1 gold piece, 1 gold piece is lying here)
[3] Under certain circumstances, the "(after saving his/her world)" or "(after winning)" after the character's death reason shows up twice. I've seen this in some Hall of Fame logs and once in a more closer character death :)
[4] In the log for UCG endings, it says "Bathed in the radiance of Law and Goodness He/She enters your home plane and challenges you to a battle." The he/she is capitalized. This may be intentional?
[4a] "Female swordsmen" should be swordswomen. Maybe there shouldn't be female swordsmen at all (same goes for other monsters), as it was done with stone giant lords.
[5] Undead can be frozen or burnt "to death" by frozen/flaming weapons.
[6] Monsters that are "transformed into ashes" by Burning Hands still leave corpses. Water creatures (e.g. elementals) are still "transformed into ashes".
[7] Hitting a monster vulnerable against cold with a frozen weapon, and having the cold damage be stopped by its PV: "The -foo- is frozen by icy shards emerging from your weapon. The -foo- is badly injured by the icy blast. The attack doesn't penetrate the defenses of the -foo-!"
[8] "You are blinded by a sudden flash! You pray to -god name-. You are healed by a black light surrounding you." How can a blind PC see the light surrounding them?
[9] A PC creating darkness with a torch or amulet of light on is still told "suddenly everything is dark".
[10] Golems can "grunt at you in a friendly manner" but they're unable to talk.
[11] Reading a blessed scroll of magic mapping yields the message "you suddenly know everything about this dungeon level" even when you're not inside a dungeon.

[12] Undead and constructs cannot be paralyzed/stunned/confused, but the corresponding messages will often appear ("The zombie is stunned!", "The zombie is paralyzed!"). Throwing the phial of Caladriel at them yields no message at all except "out of ammunition".
[13] The last level of the Assassins' Guild message says some whispers emanate from the shadows even for deaf PCs.
[14] Changelog: "Immunities no longer can be "enhanced by items". You either are immune or you are not." Text could be changed to "also gained by items" so that the player knows if he's naturally immune and is wearing something that grants the same immunity.
[15] Teleportitis, Teleport Control, and See Invisible shouldn't be "enhanced" through items. You either teleport, control TP or see invisible, or you don't. They should get the same treatment I explained above.
[16] Angering the neutral god via reading tracts of order/chaos is incorrectly displayed as angering the lawful god.
[17] "During your apprenticeship under an elderly wizard, you come across a powerful magical amulet of unknown power" - Is it powerful or unknown?
[18] Fairy dragon description says "Its arsenal of breath weapons is varied", but they only breath water.
[19] If the pile of items I've just dropped is the only one in this level, reading a scroll of item detection or zapping the homonym wand says "You sense the presence of an item", even though there are hundreds on that square.

[20] Cat spirits rising can be seen in dark rooms while blind.
[21] When 'a'pplying Gardening while stuck in webs, it says the ground is not suitable. It should give a generic "not while stuck in webs" message instead. If done on an herb square, it also says the ground is not suitable. It should say there's an herb bush there already.
[22] "It is possible to teleport Glod away from his smithy, although the details (wand of teleportation vs the Teleportation spell) have yet to be worked out. He wanders in Dwarftown but still asks for the nominal 2500 gold piece fee (seemingly telepathically, probably a bug)" -- ADOM Guidebook
[23] Shopkeeper says "thanks for enhancing the value of my wares" if you pick up cursed food with poison hands. Price doesn't change at all.
[24] Lighting an everburning torch while blind: "The uncursed everburning torch [+1, +0] lights itself.", "The uncursed everburning torch [+1, +0] is already giving light." A blind PC has no way of knowing that.
[25] Sting and Needle's unIDed appearance should be "black rune-covered dagger (10s)" instead of "dagger (10s)", which makes an unspoiled player very likely to miss those artifacts.
[26] Eating some humanoid corpses can trigger the Law skill ("You feel as if transgressing some law.") even though it's not a chaotic act.
[27] If you check Kelly's ':w'ound status, it says he is not injured.
[28] "Kobold Shaman bolts can harm a lightning immune PC (...) If the attack is indeed lightning based, it should not harm the PC. Someone suggested the "lightning" may not be lightning, but the power of the souls of dead kobolds, the monster memory would seem to indicate this. If this is the case, and the bolt is not lightning damage, the attack should be re-worded to avoid confusion." -- RFE 2470
[29] 'U'sing drakish scurgari results in the message "Use the -foo- with an appropriate missile weapon." There is no such weapon in the game nor is it necessary.
[30] Moving to a tile adjacent to a mimic while invisible: "Suddenly a mimic attacks you! The mimic seems to search for someone or something." - First phrase should probably be something like "The item suddenly turns into a mimic!"
[31] "The gorgon breathes petrification gas at you! Something on the ground is burned to ashes within moments!" - Why?
[32] Being killed by a ghost will result in the "was aged to death by a -ghost-" death message even if I was only killed in melee, not aged.
[33] Throwing a potion of water at a wild cat says "The wild cat seems to panic!", but it actually does not. If it's just flavor text (cats usually don't like water :)), the wording should be altered.
[34] Casting invisibility on a monster with the see invisible intrinsic: "Suddenly the -foo- is gone!" and worse, if cast again: "Suddenly the invisible -foo- is gone!"
[35] Shopkeepers can tell an invisible PC they haven't detected yet to keep their fingers off rations, not to drink unpaid potions, and not to push them around in their shop, among others.
[36] *removed*
[37] Talking to a female ratling rebel while wearing furs: ""Ye animal sssllayer! Ssssuffer!" The female ratling rebel pulls a strange potion from his clothes and sprays a liquid into your face."
[38] When you give Bart the golden gladius, the game says "Over the next hours the old gladiator recounts a number of interesting tricks to you." but only ~1 minute of game time passes. The same is true of training with Yergius.
[39] Weather messages can be seen while blind. The command to check the ':W'eather is also perfectly usable while blind.
[40] Re-reading a manual of bridge building will always say it has some information you haven't yet learned, but according sorear's wiki it doesn't train or increase the skill's dice in any way.
[41] Uncontrolled teleportitis kicking in and PC landing into a tile with items: "You pick up the heap of 20 blessed rocks. Suddenly you stand elsewhere." Messages should be reversed.
[42] You can see bolts "fizzling and disappearing" even if the (possibly hidden) door they hit is out of LOS.
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12-08-2013 12:46 PM
Ancient Member
(154) Zapping a wand of poison while in darkness against a wall: "The ray bounces!" Possibly with other bolts too.

12-13-2013 11:21 PM
Ancient Member
(155) Was running from a ratling warlord, as he's gaining on me I zapped a wand of door creation between him and me. Lucky for me it happens to be a stone block trapped door. This was the message:
"Suddenly a door appears! A stone block drops from the ceiling in front of the door! You hear a pained squeak."

I was in a corridor and the door was between me and him, so I shouldn't see the stone block dropping from the ceiling.

Duplicate of (121).

12-13-2013 11:32 PM
Ancient Member
Perhaps a thudding sound followed by another thudding sound of a body hitting the floor would more accurately describe the situation.

12-14-2013 04:01 AM
Ancient Member
Quote Originally Posted by Stingray1
"Suddenly a door appears! A stone block drops from the ceiling in front of the door! You hear a pained squeak."
That's a duplicate of message #121. I found out thanks to a kobold who wanted to interrupt my reading behind locked doors session :)

12-14-2013 06:50 AM
Ancient Member
Oh, I don't go through older ones. I was under the impression they have all been fixed. Oops, sorry then.

12-14-2013 01:54 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Stingray1
(150) While wielding the scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle" with a level 20 ChAoS kNiGhT that has poison dripping from her hands and attacking a grizzly bear: "You hit the grizzly bear You regenerate. and critically wound it. The grizzly bear is poisoned!" or a female ratling warrior "You hit the female ratling warrior You regenerate. and slay her." or "You hit the jackal with full force You feel corrupted.", etc.
Came up in the typos thread, here (grobblewobble's post). I'm guessing then that this wasn't fixed after all? =\

12-14-2013 09:57 PM
Ancient Member
Also has its own issue - You can vote for reproducing it :)

12-15-2013 09:42 AM
Ancient Member
(155) Pardon if this a duplicate again. As a C- chaos knight I summoned a lesser daemon to attack Thrundarr. Garth came over to assist in killing the daemon. When I met him while he was outside his training hall, he said:

"Welcome to Garth's training hall!".

Although I'm just outside Thrundarr's room. Also the misplaced period there outside the quotes.

Thrundarr also welcomes a C- chaos knight, which seems a bit odd.

01-02-2014 07:41 AM
(156) One-shooting a ghost with Sun's Messenger produced this message: "You improve your skill in the 'Bows' weapon group to level 6. You exactly hit the ghost and destroy it right away!"

01-02-2014 05:08 PM
Ancient Member
Quote Originally Posted by TDau
(156) One-shooting a ghost with Sun's Messenger produced this message: "You improve your skill in the 'Bows' weapon group to level 6. You exactly hit the ghost and destroy it right away!"
I think all weapon skill levelup messages come before the hit/block that caused them. Having it the other way around would make more sense, but I kind of like this quirk...

01-08-2014 05:02 PM
Ancient Member
Just had one in the Druid Dungeon.
(157) Pet dies from poison, the following messages are generated: "You are horrified by the death of your friend! The cave lizard drops dead!"
Message order should be reversed. duplicate of (76)

01-21-2014 05:40 PM
Ancient Member
(158) "The female dark orc removes the wooden shield. The female dark orc wields the two-handed sword. The female dark orc equips the wooden shield."

Nothing in the monster memory about them having more than two hands, I wish I could do it though. :p

01-21-2014 06:10 PM
Ancient Member
It's even better when they wield two shields and begin to shield-bash you :)

01-28-2014 12:07 AM
Ancient Member
(159) Detect Item Status seems to kick in as soon as items are generated which leads to the following messages: "The raider shoots an uncursed arrow at you!". It would be nice if DIS can be delaying till the time you actually pick up missiles.

01-28-2014 01:31 AM
Ancient Member
The PC is so skilled, they can know the arrow's B/U/C status from the instant it's shot at them. I kind of like that behavior :)

03-01-2014 11:24 PM
Senior Member
(160) When a monster quaffs a potion of invisibility and becomes invisible, the game displays a message to the effect of "the foo is suddenly gone!" even if the PC can see invisible.

03-09-2014 10:31 AM
jt jt is offline
(161) The message "Suddenly several figures appear out of nowhere!" sometimes is printed multiple times.

07-27-2014 09:43 AM
Ancient Member
This room looks like a spa with a mud bath. You are hit in the face by a glob of hot mud!
Suddenly everything disappears!
Something summons more help! //necromancer

While I can believe my PC can feel monsters appearing around her, detecting that it's a summoner is kinda strange.

07-27-2014 11:12 PM
Junior Member
The after protecting the village from the greater daemon, if the ancient dwarf gets killed in the process, elite dwarven guardian still say: "Enter to greet our village elder." even if the village elder happens to be dead.

09-16-2014 09:46 AM
Senior Member
Invisible monster in the Ice Queen domain: "Something is frozen to death!"

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