Paragon of Order - opening ultra possibility up
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Paragon of Order - opening ultra possibility up
To add further challenge and satisfaction to achieving Paragon of Order ending

I love ADOM (probably my most played game ever) and I love playing challenge games - I almost exclusively go for ultra endings as it gives a finality to the game of defeating the chaos god. I recently went for a Paragon of Order playthrough and while I loved the difficulty compared to an ultra character usually steamrolling everything towards the end, but it seemed anti-climatic for a paragon of order not only unable to fight Andy, but also unable to cleanse the land from chaos more (keriax, supreme balor) due to a few minuscule chaotic acts being required to gain access to those areas... I didn't try but I think technically you could reach the emperor moloch through kill Filk quest so at least you could do that (and get the ToRR)

I've thought about a few ideas for fleshing out requirements to allow for a pure Lawful/Paragon play through that gives access to the ultra/endgame content. I don't think anyone can argue that a paragon is easy, but going for a Paragon ultra would be an added challenge and in my mind have the following flow:
  1. Attain Paragon Status and close the chaos gate. From this point forward must maintain paragon status
  2. In the Heavenly Area, the seraphim of order will give a series of quests to retrieve artifacts containing the essence of chaos - the Scepter of Chaos, Crown of Chaos, and Medal of Chaos.
  3. Scepter of Chaos - retrieval is straightforward (can even be done prior to closing the gate)
  4. Once scepter of Chaos is retrieved and given to the seraphim to destroy you are given the location to the stone circle + item to pierce/activate it (similar to the weird fire starter granting entrance to a volcano, with no need to wait until Darknight... or a paragon can be made simply able to enter by the powers granted by their deity). I would also put a much stronger regiment of chaos creatures here, maybe taking refuge now that the gate is closed - to keep it a bit more challenging for a high level player.
  5. Once the Crown of Chaos is returned, the solar will reveal the lair of an ancient evil witch plaguing the land for millennia (Gaab'Baay). GB will disappear from HMV following closing the gate (if she is "killed" earlier the solar can mention this, saying it was only her projection - would explain why she disappears upon completing her quest line). I think it would be a good utilization of the ultimate dungeon to spawn a very powerful GB at the bottom floor as an additional boss to the supreme balor (or maybe she is the supreme balor?) - when defeated in this form she will drop the Medal of Chaos.
  6. Once this is returned to the solar it will provide you with a tool to reverse the D:48 stairway to give access to the Chaos gate in order to open it again and challenge Andy. The prerequisite for entering the gate successfully as a Paragon is completing the above quest line (weakining the strength of chaos denizens by sacrificing their artifacts), wield the ToRR (from a crumbled scroll from an emperor moloch in the Ultimate Dungeon, or from completing the Filk -> scintillating quest), and wear the platinum girdle. Another option would be for the Solar to "purify" the artifacts, creating duplicates that grant luck/fate instead of curse doom, but that is more work for little gain - in that case you would need to wear the order crown + amulet with ToRR to enter.

It's definitely possible to tie the scroll of omnipotence here, although I imagine the functionality for this already exists in game... at the very least this could also be used to flesh out the lore of who Gaab'Baay is.

I know this kind of play through would only appeal to a small niche of ADOM players, but it can't hurt to put this out there :)
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04-16-2018 11:53 AM
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Sounds quite sick and twisted, but sure as hell also fun. Why not? Upvoted. :)

04-16-2018 12:10 PM
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Sick and twisted is one way of looking at it I suppose :).

Maybe this could be a separate feature request, but when 'C'hatted to the Seraphim of Order should also have flavour text along the following lines:
  • Lawful, but not a Paragon - "Do not stray from the path of order, mortal."
  • Lawful, but never committed a chaotic act - "You walk the path mortal, but are not yet ready. Continue to serve Order and put an end to the source of Chaos".
  • Non-lawful, but never committed a chaotic act - "I sense good in you mortal, but are not yet worthy of us. Begone."
  • Paragon + closed gate - this would begin the chain of quests.

Aside from being super cool, this could also be a good way for you to gauge if you've fallen from your Paragon attempt. The flavour speech may be off (can't recall the speech of angelic beings when chatting with them), but something along the above lines.

04-16-2018 05:52 PM
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Maybe smthing easier to implement... like allowing true girdle substitute for chaos medal?

04-16-2018 05:57 PM
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I agree having the girdle act in place of the Medal/Crown of Chaos would be the most painless solution, so ToRR + Girdle would be enough. I just thought I'd put down my thoughts on a more intricate questline in case the Creator wanted to make it more interesting/RP worthy story for a Paragon of Order.

04-16-2018 06:25 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by Booster
I agree having the girdle act in place of the Medal/Crown of Chaos would be the most painless solution, so ToRR + Girdle would be enough. I just thought I'd put down my thoughts on a more intricate questline in case the Creator wanted to make it more interesting/RP worthy story for a Paragon of Order.
I never said it should replace the crown...

04-16-2018 07:27 PM
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Ah, but you can't get the crown unless you are chaotic - the demented ratling only accepts artifacts from chaotic (well, he'll eat from neutral/lawful but it won't count towards one of the six)... this would mean the only way to be Paragon with the crown would be if you start chaotic

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