Donations for an issue
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Donations for an issue

Introduce an ability to donate some money for an issue. In return for donation one who donates should get a promise from dev team for sooner feedback and more hours dedicated on development in case it is accepted.

Profit for the development team: don't think it could fund the development but it should give some additional income. Also could help to find out what features are really wanted by the community.

Profit for the community: it's more viable option than votes to attract dev team attention for longstanding bugs and RFEs. One more reason to add this, ADOM is an awesome game. I already bough it on steam but I'm sure it deserves more money from my pocket. I'd love to donate it but sadly I missed crowd funding and have no option to do that now. As far as I know at least.

I'm not insisting on making this built-in with the forum, it might be separate web page with a free text field where you could enter any text description including link to an issue. Just thoughs about having such option.
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