Fix for font rendering issue on Linux
issueid=6677 02-23-2021 07:38 PM
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Fix for font rendering issue on Linux
The bug is most likely caused by a change in SDL2_ttf 2.0.15

I just bought ADOM (the original) on Steam, but immediately ran an issue where fonts aren't rendered correctly.
The bug is known; there is at least one thread on Steam's forums, in which Ravenmore replied:

I bisected the issue to a commit in SDL2_ttf. The first bad one is:
Fixed bug 3491 - TTF_RenderText_Blended ignores alpha channel

Now, I obviously don't have access to ADOM sources, but my hunch is, that the SDL_Color you
pass isn't initialized at all. The fact that the font issue shows up with a seemingly random alpha
applied suggests that fg.a contains random garbage.

It would be great if you could look into this. Please understand that as it is now, ADOM is borderline
unplayable due to this. If the commit mentioned above is the cause, then this may be an easy fix.

Btw. I selected the "All with NotEye" category because this bug is probably present on all systems.
But I think you bundle older SDL2_ttf versions on other platforms?
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Thanks, I've applied the patch to our local NotEye repository, but I guess we'll update that anyways once we build a new ADOM version.

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