Option to hide or permanently shorten/customise B/U/C text item prefix in backpack view (ASCII)
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Option to hide or permanently shorten/customise B/U/C text item prefix in backpack view (ASCII)
We already have Uncursed_String option and colours to show status, would immensely reduce clutter and inv issues

RFE: Game settings options to either 1) option to customise all B/U/C status prefixes (like Uncursed_String option does now for U) or 2) shorten them everywhere permanently (to "b" "n" "u").

B/U/C status is already perfectly shown by colour - although obviously we would need to keep the text for people with accessibility needs. Adding an option to customise B/N prefix would satisfy all.
Much less clutter and paging issues in inventory (backpack) view in ASCII. Long ego weapons and artefact names might already overflow one line per item, even without adding custom notes! That line overflow creates additional issues (inv. management to even paging issues at times)

Current behaviour:
Inconsistent! Status gets shortened to "n" or "b" or "c" in Inventory view (worn items), but shows as full string in Backpack view, overflowing lines. Has issues with paging and using mouse - overflowing item names really mess up the mouse use, as their positions change on the inv. screen!

"Should be easy (tm)". The option is already partly there in the code, as Uncursed_String for U items. Might be not that hard to add the same option for B/C status?

1) Add customisation for B and C status prefix as well, as exists for U. The easiest one! Players could just add "b" or whatever they like and see it everywhere.
2) same as 1., but add option to hide the prefix (currently, Uncursed_String doesn't accept space char). Probably harder to implement.
2) Full options to either Hide or Shorten the status everywhere. Probably harder to implement.

Easier inventory management.
Easier item view at a glance (the "normal" or "uncursed" or "blessed" text string at the start of item name really makes a big visual distraction!)
Less issus with item name overflowing lines in ASCII.
Less issues with custom item notes.
Shorter message log, less message spam.
Already partly exists in the code (Uncursed_String).

BTW, it would be nice to note (for newer players) in the Game settings, that the Uncursed_String option only applies to newly created characters. Would save some frustration why it doesn't work...
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