Girdle of greed
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Girdle of greed
I dropped a ton of money on altar when I dropped everything. Now I am not being allowed to pick up anything, not even a part money with message like how many do u want to pickup.

This is adom windows 3.3.3, I never played the graphical. My dark eleven archer is very high level, I entered the merchants guild after 43, I believe. Now all my money is lost, although I never removed the girdle. It's lying on dwarf town altar. I already completed game, closing gates, and I was looking to enjoy level 50, blue dragon not yet done, I am already at 11 or 12 with knives, will soon get both the needle and sting. Please make the next version compatible with earlier save files. This is first time ever that I won without cheat saving. I have saved the file.
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