Statue generating unlimited amount of AoLS
issueid=6477 04-17-2019 12:39 PM
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Statue generating unlimited amount of AoLS
The black obsidian large jackal statue upon kicking generates an AoLS and this can be repeated as many times as one wishes.

I stumbled upon a statue - It appears to be of a large jackal carved out of jet black obsidian with sparkling rubies for eyes. with the message "I guard the veil against any who would violate it."

Upon kicking it several times, it says that the statue breaks apart, summoning jackals and an AoLS. But the statue didn't break, it was still there and i could kick it another time, for another AoLS and this ca be repeated forever, apparently.

I got 3 AoLS before i got bored of trying more.
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Issue Number 6477
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Priority 5 - Medium
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05-06-2019 12:20 PM
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Oh man, all those dead Khelavasters disapprove. All those wizards crushed by tons of luggage...

05-06-2019 04:24 PM
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Suddenly a stream of acid pours down from the ceiling! 103 of your stack of 103 amulets of life saving are destroyed!

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