Not displaying special birth dates
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Not displaying special birth dates
Game does not display special birth date events

I play ascii so I am not sure if this is also in the "noteye" mode of the game.

In the old versions of ADOM, when a starsign was given to the player it also had a chance to give special events such as....

"A falling star killed the village elder on the day you were born."
"On the day you were born your long lost brother returned."
"The day you were born, the undead were seeing packing up and running away."

or something along those lines.

Thomas himself confirmed these should still be displayed and they are still functioning. but they are not displayed.
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They are still displayed, the messages are just incredibly easy to miss since they're shown in the middle of the first paragraph of the character's background upon character creation, and nowhere else.

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Ah that would make sense. Well then this is closed. I'll look for it there from now on. I haven't read anything in my background since like the first version of adom I played.

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