Mist Elf won't finish action (while taking damage from iron) despite Y to all prompts
issueid=6274 06-23-2018 10:16 PM
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Mist Elf won't finish action (while taking damage from iron) despite Y to all prompts
if you press Y to all prompts on if you want to continue an action despite iron damage, sometimes the action is still not taken

Using r97, I have a mist elf who has (deliberately) equipped an iron item, intending to complete one or more actions, and then take the item off. The game prompts with whether I want to continue, and I press Y as it drops from a larger number of turns remaining to zero, but after pressing Y the last time, the action is not completed.

I've run into this a couple of times before but unfortunately don't think I can provide detail on when it does/doesn't occur. Previously, it happened with reading a spellbook [put on Crown of Science, knowing that I had enough HP to take advantage of LE boost to read ball spells, heal myself, read another book, heal myself, and repeat until I finished and took the crown off], which despite pressing Y to all of the prompts, I didn't successfully read the spell [high level wizard, reading a spell I already had spell knowledge over 800]].

The current event, though, will kill my character if it's not resolved. I have a mist elf who equipped armor [Chainmail of the Martyred Crusader; decided to see how rapidly I took damage to figure out if I could wear it at tactically-chosen times]. The action that is being interrupted/failing to complete is removing the armor.

I open inventory, press C to remove the armor, get a prompt that I take damage and do I want to continue (7 turns remaining), press Y seven times....and then still have the armor equipped. I tried a couple of times, closed and opened ADOM and tried again, so I'm down to half hit points.

I'll just leave this character paused until this bug is resolved!
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Duplicate of 6154

06-25-2018 01:16 PM
This is 100% a duplicate entry. Thank you, Grond, for linking me to the correct already-numbered bug.

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