Delete/Remove Account?
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Delete/Remove Account?
Made account before AND after an ADOM Hiatus, now how do I delete the unused one?

Hi all,

After a long-ish ADOM hiatus ended in 2010, I came back here to these forums and couldn't find what account if any I had made. Perhaps it had been deleted due to inactivity. Well, I made another account and since then discovered the credentials for the older one. I'd like to delete this newer one (the one I'm posting from now) but couldn't find any such feature or button under Profile, General Settings, or other places.

If you're a Mod and can work your powerful magicks to do it, that'd work too. If it's not an option at all, no biggie, I'll just try to remember which one I created first and log into that one only.

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03-17-2015 04:55 PM
jt jt is offline

I can merge both your accounts into a single one (no postings get lost). Just tell me which account you want to keep (Skittles or ScooterSkittles).

Best regards

04-21-2015 03:00 AM
Hi Jochen,
Thanks for replying. Merging the accounts sounds great. Let's keep the ScooterSkittles account.

I appreciate it very much!

04-21-2015 07:26 AM
jt jt is offline
Hi, I've merged the accounts. :)

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