Possible to get absurd attributes by holding down 'h' in ID
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Possible to get absurd attributes by holding down 'h' in ID

Since using stairs doesn't take a turn, it is possible to hold down 'h' in the infinite dungeon to scum for room entrance effects. This nets you attribute scores of 1 St, 99 Le, 99 Wi, 99 Ap in something like 150 turns (most of which are spent wiping mud off of your face). Quite abusable in conjunction with potions of exchange.
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Issue Number 6184
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Fixed Version ADOM 3.3.0
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09-18-2018 07:16 PM
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I'm still getting stat increases from holding down 'h' in ID. Granted, I haven't yet invested an hour to get to 99s, but how is this supposed to be fixed?

EDIT: Invested the time, got 99s. This is definitely not fixed in 3.3.0.

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