Randomise CotW PCs by gender as well as race and class
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Randomise CotW PCs by gender as well as race and class
As requested, an RFE for randomised CotW gender.

Currently the randomly generated Challenge of the Week PCs all seem to default to male.
I've played about thirty or forty CotW games since the mode was released and only one PC among those was female - and that because gender was selectable, so I chose female out of sheer boredom with the male sprites-!
As a female player it is more immediately noticeable (and mildly irritating) to me that the 'random' CotW characters keep turning up as male - it doesn't feel random, and seems like an awkward design choice if not.
Moreover, having randomised gender also adds extra variety and challenge, since there are some character builds very optimised to female PC survivability (and some quite the opposite!).

I'm not sure if this is a bug in the automated generation algorithm, or simply an overlooked or unimplemented feature. I've posted it as a bug at medium priority in case of the former.
If it is a bug, it needs a quick fix; if it's a feature it'd be good to correct the skew to add more variety to the CotW in general.

Just to clarify I'm not asking that gender actually be selectable in Challenges of the Week unless desired by TB, as apart from the hassle of coding this it also skews the starting stats between challenging players.
Only that the algorithm that randomly chooses the weekly PC race and class also chooses a random gender at closer to a 50/50 ratio if it doesn't do this (successfully) already.
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