ADOM-ARMEL is dynamically linked
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ADOM-ARMEL is dynamically linked
Rebuilding the linux (Raspbian) port with -static will allow it to run on a metric ton of devices

Just what it says on the tin, see I basically ripped
from Raspbian and run with
/path/to/libs/ --library-path /path/to/libs /path/to/adom
on a smartphone.

Recompiling with -static will result in a larger binary, however there's much much wider playbase for all the other Linux ARM devices out there (Especially Android).
Also, this will future-proof it from library incompatibilities in Raspbian.

A native android port would require code changes, I think; Android's libc is a stripped down minimalist mess, and has obscure bugs within. Alternatively, compiling static with uclibc (via buildroot) would produce a portable binary that's not quite so large of a pig.

Caveat; a stripped down terminfo + wrapper script might still be required (on android at least). By default, non-rooted stock devices don't include any sort of terminfo database, and terminal/connectbot shells don't have the TERM or HOME environment variables set.
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