Level 18+ duelists can't give elemental gauntlets to the demented ratling
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Level 18+ duelists can't give elemental gauntlets to the demented ratling
If a duelist of level 18 or above tries to give the elemental gauntlets to the demented ratling, the game interprets it as a glove slap, making the ratling hostile

If a duelist character is above level 18 when trying to feed artifacts to the demented ratling, then giving him the Elemental Gauntlets (or I would presume any other artifact gauntlets, though I haven't tried them personally) will not result in him taking the artifact, but will instead result in him being glove-slapped, stunning him and turning him hostile. This not only means you can't give him the gauntlets, but also blocks off any possible special endings, and potentially gives you a fight against a tough opponent, depending on how many other artifacts he's been given.

While it could be said that this is just an extra challenge of the duelist class, I consider it a bug because my character did not respond to my command as I expected her to do, which I'd class as an HCI bug. It also doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense that duelists are unable to give gauntlets awaywithout being possessed by an overwhelming urge to slap the recipient in the face isntead.

I would suggest that when a duelist with this class power attempts to give gauntlets to a non-hostile character, there should be a confiration option along the lines of "Do you wish to [g]ive the gauntlets, or use them for a glove [s]lap?" which would get around this and any other cases where you might want to actually give away gauntlets. It's probably better not to bother with this prompt for hostile creatures, as that could become annoying.

Alternatively: Remove the giving away gauntlets part of the class power entirely, and just change it to a normally activated class power, with a limit of one use per n turns.
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