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Typo collection

From bug list:

The following typos were fixed:

Polemarms - It says 'Affinity for polemarms' in the initial selection screen for talents.


Adequataly - It says 'and adequataly connected to the flow of mana' in the monster memory for a displacer beast.

To you - The game asks: 'What type of scroll to you wish to create?'

With missing - A weather report: 'The sky is filled blazing stars.'

Is fills - Another weather report: 'This moon-lit night is fills with oppressive heat.'

On/in - When entering the Old Barbarian's clearing, the message that appears is 'You immediately feel at peace on this beautiful clearing.'

Skeletal king (monster memory) - Both instances of "It's" should be "Its,". Also, the fifth sentence seems as if it should begin "Skeletal kings" instead of "Skeletal Kings,".

Greater white unicorn - Missing 'to' in its speech: 'Once I will be able all corruption that has been inflicted upon you.'

Absolutly - It says 'You feel absolutly mad!' after eating a greater claw bug corpse.

Two weapon - One message is: 'Weight of the two weapon'.

Water orb - The message when putting the orb is 'Suddenly the humidity dispenses and everything is normal once more.' - it should be 'disperses'.

Tamborine - It should be Tambourine(s).

'The the djinni is gone.' - There is a 'the' too much in the message displayed when a djinni disappears.

Homunculus (monster memory) - It says: 'They are able to make you fall asleep by touch you.' It should be '[...] asleep by touching [...]'.
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