Same talent keeps showing up (and can be chosen multiple times)
issueid=6727 09-10-2021 12:04 PM
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Same talent keeps showing up (and can be chosen multiple times)

- Affinity with Axes was picked as a talent upon level-up (not at the beginning).

- Three level-ups later, when it was time to choose another talent, it was still available, only moved to the very bottom of the list (below the other affinity talents).

- I picked it again and got the usual message "You gain the Talent: Affinity with Axes." Since I had not checked the weapon stats before that level-up, can't say if the effect was added twice.

- Despite picking it twice, the talent still shows as available when pressing ":T" (again at the bottom of the list, below the other affinity talents)

- When pressing "Alt-t" it is listed only once, together with the other talents. It also counted only once to unlock Melee Weapon Master.
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Issue Number 6727
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Duplicate of 6468.

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