Illogical message when entering ToEF top level in darkness
issueid=6732 09-19-2021 02:59 PM
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Illogical message when entering ToEF top level in darkness

"This level is very hot. The rocks are glowing in a bright light. It's dark here!"

Probably needs rephrasing, or even more logically dark rooms should not appear on the top level of the tower, if the walls are illuminating everything brightly anyway.
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Issue Number 6732
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09-21-2021 04:11 PM
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This is not a bug. Not sure where this should go instead, but let's not clutter the bug list.

This is a good thing to note, however. I would like to see a consolidated list of the problems with the ADOM message system, as there are numerous issues. Though, in this case, it could be resolved either by not allowing dark rooms to generate in ToEF or by creating a separate message for those rooms when generated there.

EDIT: Apologies, that probably sounded rude. It also stated an opinion that this was not a bug, though it may in fact be considered a bug.

09-28-2021 07:25 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by McMagnus
Don't worry about it.

Also, not sure for how long you've been following the bug/RFE lists, but TB has actually encouraged reporting even tiny details and even typos in the bug list - that's where the 'priority' setting in the bug reports come in handy. As you can notice, this was set to the lowest possible. These are also super easy things to fix.

ADOM is a game of massive amounts of fine-tuned detail which can be noticed in the most subtle ways, so yes, this is a bug - and don't worry, it's still quite easy to determine the severity of different bugs.

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