The mouse does not function fully (mindcraft and others)
issueid=6780 11-03-2023 08:28 AM
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The mouse does not function fully (mindcraft and others)
The mouse does not function fully (mindcraft and others)

Hello! I recently purchased the game on Steam. This is truly a wonderful game. Thank you very much! For a number of reasons, itís more convenient for me to play with a mouse and Iím very sad that it doesnít work in a number of ways.
1) For example, you cannot use the mouse in the Mindcraft menu. It is not abilities that stand out, but something unnecessary. I think this is a bug.
2) I canít look at the specific details in the spell menu with the mouse. Also, you cannot select the quick mark function (1-9) with the mouse, but does not need it with the mouse.
3) I couldnít find the Esc button for the mouse user. In fact, this button is more necessary than the Save button on the top right. Several times I was only able to exit messages in the chat area using the Esc button. In this regard, I ask you to replace the Save Button with the Esc Button and, if possible, make an option to display it on top of other windows for players who need it, like me.
Thank you very much!
Vielen Dank!


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