Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Active Milestones
(Overdue) Target Date 07-01-2016 Collect all still unfinished tasks from the Indiegogo "Resurrect ADOM development" campaign. While we already added a lot more than we ever considered in some areas, other areas still need to be finished. Here's the final list.
100% Completed
(Overdue) Target Date 12-30-2016 Tasks, features and bugs for the next major feature releases of ADOM that have been reviewed and accepted (at least to some extent). Now we should go adding this stuff along the sidelines of our main activities...
37% Completed
(Overdue) Target Date 12-30-2016 This milestone collects all planned UI enhancements that surpass our crowdfunding goals. Our 2016 goal is to transform the UI into something totally modern, to be easily playable with mouse and game controllers and to be ready for various gaming consoles.
24% Completed
(Overdue) Target Date 12-30-2016 Roguelikes have been notoriously single-player and while we don't believe in real multi-player features for ADOM (which probably would be technically impossible in any case) we believe that crowd mode can be turned into an exciting team play and tournament mode.
14% Completed
(Overdue) Target Date 07-30-2017 This basically is a more specialized milestone to the "modernized UI" milestone. The goal here is to make ADOM (a) completely playable with mouse, (b) compatible with modern UI behaviour expectations (e.g. ESC key handling) and (c) make the game controllable with a minimized command set.
84% Completed

Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Completed Milestones