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    Keyboard locking up w/ Steam client

    I'm wondering if anyone else is getting this glitch.

    It only happens when I play Adom and I only play Adom through Steam on Windows.

    I'll be able to play normally for ~20 minutes and then my...
  2. Uber-jackal effect even for monsters I didn't kill?

    So I'm hanging out on the last layer in the fungal caves with the pool still active and decide to try setting up an alarm trap to try and farm mushrooms.

    Everything seems to be working well and...
  3. Yes! Thank you! Good to see the old format...

    Yes! Thank you!

    Good to see the old format back again.

    Do you also know if there a bug reported to fix the ability to save this setting?
  4. How to display original HUD in ASCII mode?

    Is there any way to display the original HUD in ASCII mode in the latest release?

    My apologies if this has been asked and answered previously. I searched the wiki and forums and couldn't find...
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