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  1. Ultimate Adom and balancing, difficulty and frustrations

    Hey all,

    I want to start this with the acknowledgement that my experience isn't universal, and probably is far from it, and should be taken as an 'opinion' and not a fact.

    Yesterday I won the...
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    In my humble opinion, not enough games allow you...

    In my humble opinion, not enough games allow you to become Sauron, so I'd suggest a 'move essense' spell:

    It enchants an item to contain your soul, and if your body dies the item compels a nearby...
  3. Grafting is the best thing I've seen in a roguelike since Mutations in Qud

    Just finished what there is to be finished in the alpha version of the game, (4 hours and 20 minutes in, nice) and I have to say I am extremely impressed. Obviously the game is far, far from...
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