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Thread: iADOM - how big is your interest?

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    question. what would substitute for the keyboard?

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    To add my two cents to this discussion: I prefer adom on my PC, with comfortable chair, a cup of tea and big keyboard that provides ease of access.
    It *might* be interesting to play it on my SGS3 but just as a curiosity, as I can't possibly imagine comfortably playing the game on any keyboardless handheld.
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    Personally, I'd prefer an Android release, partially because I only own an Android, but also because the platform is the best mobile platform for gaming. With all of the different phones and tablets with different RAM, and video output capabilities, etc, I just think it's a better choice. As for the control scheme, ASCII wasn't made for touch screens, so larger squares, and maybe a grid around them would make the game much easier to navagate.

    A few of the best mobile roguelikes I've played included some really nice touches, larger font, and gridded tiles that flash when tapped as the character moves towards it, or single tiles movement done by tapping the left, right, top, or bottom of the screen. I really don't like when games have on screen buttons. Save for emulators, most Android/iPad games either should have found a workaround, or should never have come to mobile.
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    I have an iPad. I wouldn't want to play ADoM on it. I don't have one of those keyboard attachments, and would never suffer through trying to play something like this without one.

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