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    I was just wondering how to achieve a higher "rank" as a member here? as a BIG fan of ADOM, I feel the "rank" of junior member does not properly represent my commitment to this site. lol.

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    Exclamation Higher Ranks...

    If I had to guess, your rank is directly related to your post count. Sadly, bug reports and RFEs do not seem to count as posts.

    Better start posting.
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    Haven't won ADoM yet.

    Closest ADoM win: A female Dark Elven Archer that drowned during a botched attempt to pickpocket gremlins in the Water Dragon Cave. If I ever make it to Khelavaster with an Amulet of Life Saving, I am beating him to death with it.

    First JADE win: Urrg, the male Trollish sightseer (one level of Commoner) that became a savior (thirty-one levels of Fighter). He destroyed the Chaos Gate in the early morning of 11/12/2011 under version 0.2.0.

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    Reminds me of this idea I posted a while back:

    Quote Originally Posted by Laukku View Post
    What about ADOM monster rankings? You know, master/king/emperor etc.

    0= invisible stalker
    1+ least member
    10+ lesser member
    25+ member
    50+ greater member
    100+ member chieftain
    250+ master member
    500+ member lord
    1000+ member king
    2500+ member emperor
    5000+ ancient member

    RFE time?
    Seems that I forgot to ever post that RFE. :-/

    EDIT: Done.
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    You hit Andor Drakon, the ElDeR cHaOs GoD, and severely wound him.
    The greater balor summons some help!
    The ratling duelist disarms you. You drop your blessed Trident of the Red Rooster (+36, 6d12+18) [+12, +12]. It flies to the west.
    Andor Drakon, the ElDeR cHaOs GoD, picks up the blessed Trident of the Red Rooster (+36, 6d12+18) [+12, +12].
    Andor Drakon, the ElDeR cHaOs GoD, wields the blessed Trident of the Red Rooster (+36, 6d12+18) [+12, +12].

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