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Thread: The Weakest Link '09: League of Shadows

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    Default The Weakest Link '09: League of Shadows

    You stand in the entrance of a ruined arena, the crumbled stumps of stone arches towering around you. Walking slowly forward you look up at the empty galleries, thinking on the huge noisy crowds that must have once filled those seats, jeering and screaming at the competitors that fought where you now stand. Those seats are quiet now, and yet a chill whisper on the wind makes you shiver.

    "...blood, blood, glorious blood!..."

    As you trepidly move forwards you see on the far side a huge throne wreathed in shadow. In the dim light you can barely make out the reflection of rusted iron and tarnished gold. The lure of treasure brings you forward, overcoming the mounting fear rising in the back of your mind. The closer you come the darker the throne seems to get, and around you the shadows rise...

    "...You will not find reward here, you won't even find fame..."

    The throne now seems to tower before you, and your legs feel weak and unwilling to step forward. On the ground in front of you lies a huge horned helmet, snapped in half and weathered by time. You try to peer into the gloom surrounding the monstrous throne, but the failing light of day can do nothing to reveal it further. Your fingers tremble as you nervously reach into your pack for a torch.

    "...the weakest links shall be torn from the chain..."

    As the sun sinks away, leaving you shivering in dark isolation, you finally manage to get your torch lit. It sputters and at the edge of vision shadows seem to arise, flickering in time with the waving flame. For a moment you think it looks like crowds of waving spectators, screaming out at you to fight. You shudder and mutter to yourself, annoyed at your own over-active imagination. You turn back to the throne...

    "...we will laugh at the sight of your blood and guts spilled in those lonely and desolate places..."

    On the tremendous throne sits a gigantic suit of dark armour, big enough to fit a creature over twice the size of a troll. All over the chest and back you see it has been pierced and punctured by some terrible weapons, but the thick steel is still intact otherwise. Horned shoulder plates rest atop a huge rigid chest piece, and metallic arms stretch down to great gauntleted fists. As you stare in awe at the mighty suit it suddenly rocks gently, and a dark voice calls on the wind...

    "The show.... the show...must...go on..."

    The armour seems to move slighty, chest heaving up and down like a breathing animal, the arms and legs flexing slowly. A shadowy face seems to appear where the head should be, and its dark mouth calls out to the empty arena behind you.

    "We need to see the suffering... we live by the pain, we live by the fear... Only through witnessing the hells and horrors of our prey can we find true joy. We need to feast on that exquisite anguish, that delicious torment! WE NEED BLOOD!!"

    Behind you a roar goes up and as you turn around you see the galleries and the stands filled with whooping and braying spectators of every race. "Blood, blood, blood!" they chant in unison, hungry looks on their leering faces. The arena is now brightly lit and in the centre you see an entrance to a cavern of unknown depth.

    "The Weakest Link... is REBORN!" booms a terrifying voice, and turning back to the great throne you see an enormous, demonic man standing in front of the throne wearing the thick steel armour. The left half of his face has been burnt off and where was once his left eye is just a dark recess. Underneath his armour you see a network of scars and barely healed wounds. But his right eye burns brightly with an evil cunning, and a giant grin beneath his torn lips shows no sign of suffering.

    "Miserable, pathetic, wretched mortal... You who have so dumbly stumbled on an ancient place of sacrifice, where countless gallons of blood have been spilled to sate our desires... Now it is your turn to perish for our pleasure. Go forth now into the dungeons of death, waste your life away in the darkest chasms of infinity. We shall watch, and we shall laugh at your every scream, and bathe joyfully in your terrified tears. For this show shall never end, and this blood shall never stop spilling. Now die yourself a good death and gratify our sadistic needs!"

    At his command you step towards the dark entrance in the middle of the arena, the crowds shouting and jeering at you loudly from all sides. "Blood!" they all scream for, "Blood!" they all demand. And as your heart races, pumping precious blood to every tense muscle, you stare down at the terrible fate that awaits you in the dungeons of infinity...
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    "The Weakest Link '09: League of Shadows" is a twin to the Kobold Shaman Energy Bolt league, but run on the server. Sign up here to take part in this quick test of server operations before the real game starts on May 6th. To sign up for the main game go here.

    Brief summary of the general rules: You play in the caverns of infinity, and each player takes a round of 2000 turns with the character. During that time you *must* descend at least 1 level. The save then is played by the next guy, and so on. If you die then you are the weakest link - you're out for good. After two rounds are done you may start deliberately making it harder for the other players by botching up the PC. At all times you must give a full and frank report of what you?ve done.


    DO NOT log onto the server on the league account if it is not your turn. If you wish to spectate then log on as spectator/spectator. You can also chat about the games on IRC by visiting #ancardia on IRCNet (lots of people there spectating games).
    DO NOT change any configuration files on the server - the defaults will be used for everyone.

    When it is your turn you must follow this procedure exactly:

    1. Log on to the server and load the save game - make sure it's your turn and it's the correct save game.

    2. RENAME the PC to your name here on the forums. This is so spectators can know who is playing.

    3. Play your turn normally. At the end you may wish to make a log file - press ')' to do so and it'll appear in the league directory above.

    4. Save the game at the end of your turns. The server will automatically make a back-up of your save in case you die - you don't need to worry about that.

    5. If you die then *do not post a flg* - it contains hidden information about the char that others shouldn't know. Some of your details will go onto a high score listing for the leagues.

    Remember to join in on IRC for added fun and discussion!

    So SIGN UP NOW if you want to take part in this server practice league and we'll start up as soon as we have at least a couple on board. I will message anyone wishing to take part the login details for the league account (security of the server is important). Due to the short timeframe we will only allow 24 hours to people to play their turn, instead of the usual 3 days grace. Otherwise all rules are the same.

    Play Order:

    Round One
    1. furious styles
    2. evariste
    3. BurnedToast
    4. Conundrum (killed)
    5. Qui
    6. Al-Khwarizmi
    7. quik
    8. Covenant
    9. F50
    10. Grey (killed)
    11. deepshock
    12. LuciusKain
    13. nathrakh
    14. _Ln_ (killed)
    15. riktikticheck
    16. meh
    17. Ars (killed)

    Continued - league1
    1. furious styles
    2. BurnedToast
    3. Qui
    4. quik
    5. F50 (killed)
    6. deepshock
    7. meh
    8. nathrakh
    9. riktikticheck
    Chaos Gate opened!
    10. furious styles
    11. BurnedToast
    12. deepshock (killed)
    13. meh (killed)

    Continued - league2
    1. Al-Khwarizmi
    2. Covenant (killed - save lost, so revived)
    3. Grey
    4. LuciusKain
    5. Conundrum
    6. Ars
    7. _Ln_ (killed)
    8. evariste
    9. Epythic (killed)
    Chaos Gate opened!
    10. Al-Khwarizmi (killed)
    11. Grey (killed)

    High Score:

    Later highscores can be found here:

    _Ln_, annihilated by a mimic hivemind on I29.

    Grey, butchered by a master mimic on ID18.
    Survived for 16035 turns, accruing 84076 xp and scoring 49579 points.
    (though in truth he achieved bugger all on his turn)

    Conundrum, poisoned to death by a dark elven warrior on ID10.
    Survived for 7384 turns, accruing 27135 xp and scoring 15251 points.
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    And the character is.... a male dwarven elementalist born in Shadow. Wow, this is actually a very good looking character...

    Shadow        St:15  Le:23  Wi:15  Dx:12  To:15  Ch: 6  Ap: 8  Ma:11  Pe:12 L
    DV/PV: 18/1    H: 22(22)      P: 17(17)      Exp: 1/0           DrCh  M: 0
    Head          : -
    Neck          : -
    Body          : robe [+0, +1]                                         [60s]
    Girdle        : -
    Cloak         : -
    Right Hand    : quarterstaff (+0, 1d10)                               [40s]
    Left Hand     : -
    Right Ring    : ring of fire resistance                                [1s]
    Left Ring     : -
    Bracers       : -
    Gauntlets     : -
    Boots         : sandals [+0, +0]                                       [6s]
    Missile weapon: -
    Missiles      : -
    Tool          : -
    Rings ('=')
       brass ring                                                          [1s]
    Wands ('\')
       wand of webbing (8 charges)                                         [3s]
       wand of door creation (5 charges)                                   [3s]
    Potions ('!')
       potion of learning                                                  [4s]
       heap of 2 potions of water                                          [8s]
    Scrolls ('?')
       scroll of monster aggravation                                       [2s]
       scroll of uncursing                                                 [2s]
    Food ('%')
       iron ration                                                       [100s]
    Valuables ('$')
       130 gold pieces                                                     [1s]
    You can find the full vlg here.

    Moved to entrance of infinity with turns set to 0. The first player must enter the infinite dungeon and descend at least 1 level on their turn. Best of luck to all! The Arena Grandmaster will delight in seeing your blood stain the dungeon walls...

    Edit: If you feel unsure about the server check out this readme and this thread. Be sure to read the readme in full to get things like the numpad and F keys working.
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    Well I guess I'll take first, hopefully I survive longer then in kobold shaman energy bolt!

    Edit: Instructions or a link to instructions on how to use the server would be helpful, not everyone (me) knows how.
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    I'll sign up for this trial.

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    Whooooooooo, count me in. I've been advocating a succession game on the server for ages. This should be great fun.

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    BurnedToast, I'll put you third since you haven't used the server before - I'd prefer if someone more experienced started things off. In the mean time you might want to make your own account on the server and give it a try to make sure you're comfortable with it.

    furious_styles, please start things off. I'll likely be spectating, and on #ancardia on IRCNet if you fancy having someone laugh at you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey View Post
    BurnedToast, I'll put you third since you haven't used the server before - I'd prefer if someone more experienced started things off. In the mean time you might want to make your own account on the server and give it a try to make sure you're comfortable with it.

    furious_styles, please start things off. I'll likely be spectating, and on #ancardia on IRCNet if you fancy having someone laugh at you.
    Laugh at me? How dare y... well, actually, judging by the way I've performed in past succession games, I will likely die before finding the stairs to ID 2. Fair enough.

    Just let me give the specifics of how the game works a once over and I'll start us off.

    e: okay, I'm on #adom and #ancardia as mg.
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    That's fine but I still have no idea how to use the server, at all. I don't know how to make an account I don't even know how to access it at all

    but a little searching while I wait for my turn comes up with which is a page with directions.

    TL;DR version: download putty (if you are using windows)
    put in and press open, then press yes (or no, but not cancel) to the window that pops up.

    spectator/spectator lets you watch other people play.

    Edit: and you PMed me with directions, thanks! I'll just leave this here though in case anyone else doesn't know how to use it.
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    All set up and ready to go, just a heads up if anyone wants to watch the inaugural multiplayer server game get off the ground (and also if you want to see a stone block trap kill me after fifty turns). Going to get a coffee and so on before I get started so it's on in about five minutes.

    e: aaaaaand off we go.
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