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Thread: The Weakest Link '09: League of Ice

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    Quote Originally Posted by furious_styles View Post
    Including our precious seed, you villainous fiend!
    Actually I left the candy too - forgot about that. The seed was unfulfilling and I truly do regret eating it - nathrak suggested I dual-wield cursed seeds when the chaos gate opens and that's a truly excellent idea but alas, it is not to be thanks to my gluttony. Perhaps someone else will find more and I will be able to hold off eating them

    Also a reminder we have one un-ID'd spellbook that I've tried to read and failed. It's up to whoever plays next if you want to risk reading it again, I didn't feel lucky enough so I leave it to you.

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    On I13 already and we still have mostly just our starting equipment. No wonder it's getting difficult.

    I'm pretty sure that the glass wand is always a wand of door creation.

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    Found that missing master swordsman, shot him, Crossbows lvl4. He was carrying a kobold statue for some reason.
    Found a hill giant chieftain, decided against fighting it, descended.

    Killed skeletal warrior, ratling warrior, found another book. Reading attempt confused me badly.
    Stone block hit on head, down to 32hp.
    Aged by a ghost twice. Not that it matters.
    From sounds I guess that there's a room full of traps on this level.
    Killed a grey ooze, clay golem, found a thick girdle. 15s. Must be carrying, but might be cursed? I don't wear it yet.
    Kill some mobs. Eat a bat. Hear distant wind.
    Teleport away from the vortex. Find a spider factory. Sword lvl8.
    Spider fact dropped nothing.
    Found stairs down. Used holy symbol a bit. Descended.

    Found loaf of bread, iron ration. Found stairs. Killed some mobs, ate a bugbear, found 3 scurgari.
    Killed a few more things. Dark elf warrior blind-raged me a bit, down to 19HP after poison subsided, so I want back to the stairs to heal, and killed few other things on the way. Used the symbol until my last turn.

    So we have more food than before, near full HP, a bit more piety (but not enough for a prayer yet). We have a probable girdle of carrying, although the next player might as well drop some useless things to reduce burden if unwilling to risk a cursed girdle. We have a new book, but it confused me badly, wouldn't risk reading it again at the moment. We're standing on the stairs, but the level isn't fully explored yet and there was nothing particularly dangerous along the way. I only retreated because I was low on HP, so the next player can explore more before descending if decides to do so.

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    I'm currently out of town on my wifes mac (mainly a windows guy my self) so will probably play my turn when i get home if i have time - it being mothersday and all.
    i seem to have figured out how to contact the server with the shell, but not sure if i have all settings right ect so not trying anything important yet.

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    i will take my turn in about 6 hours from posting this feel free to laugh at my demise

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    12000 looked through the stuff and descended to ID 16 got hungry and ate the iron ration and dropped rocks leather caps and boots (no need for rocks when we have a cursed crosbow. a certain tension in the level
    12150 killed an orc and a gobling and found a 80s medium shield on the ground which i tried on - +5, +1 cursed mithril shield. Kill cave bear swordsman and eat cavebear corpse.
    12328 find down stairs and some rats with a wererat. decide to check out the tension room witch hapens to be filled with rust monsters, so i run to the down stairs and descend to ID 17.
    12455 find a wererat in the next room which i milk for summons totally netting me 1 giant rat corpse that i eat.
    12911 i run into a grey slayer and after hitting it a couple of times it poisons me 5 times in 2 turns, so i back up and as it is slower than me i close the door on it to get over the poison and regain some hp (about at 16/57 at this point).
    13282 after a misclick i let the slayer enter the doorway and as it is followed by a lightning lizard my door closing plans come to a quick end at the next door (lizard is faster and enters the doorway pretty soon) i try to melee the lizard but a breath takes me down to 24 hp so i teleport (we have tp control i see).
    i kill a chaos brother and gain lvl 11 raising literacy twice and healing twice and get an increase in str.
    while wondering around i run into clawbugs that multiply, and while whiping them out i go down to 16 or so hp again
    13402 while resting because of the clawbugs a lightning vortex gets next to me (at 20 hp here) so i teleport behind a door i know to be locked and wait there until my turn is up.
    14001 damn went 1 turn over. i am standing in a dark room with something that can dig walls, i have marked the lask known location of slayer (X) lizard (l) and vortex (V) on the vlg map

    with tp control i would imagine finding the stairs and descending should not be overly difficult (i hope)
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    Waiting for 100+ turns with full HP and PP while unburdened seems a bit chaotic to me. Especially when we have a holy symbol that you could have used. It's a rather mild thing, though, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

    I'll be playing my turn later tonight, probably about 75 minutes from now.

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    damn forgot about the symbol... haven't played paladins in like forever, nor priests for that matter.

    i know the waiting in the end was selfish (yeah i wanted to survive) but then again i rather leave the guy in the room where he is safe than start running around and in worst case save when surrounded by summons or something.
    If that counts as chaos tactics, feel free to do what ever you feel appropriate.

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    More of a problem is food supply actually - you only have one real piece of food. However you were mostly waiting for HP recovery, and the last 100 turns were just to fill out your time, which is quite allowed. Certainly not what I'd call chaotic tactics. Future players may wish to remember the holy symbol though - can prove a lifesaver.
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    I'm starting my turn now.

    I started by checking piety: Seems neutral.
    Drank 4s potions as they are usually good. First one was exchange, we now have 17 To and 17 St. Second was dexterity. Read up teleport book.

    I went down to I18 early.
    I learned divine wrath (lighning bolt) from a spellbook, but the other one was destroyed.

    Plenty of trouble followed. There is currently at least a lightning vortex, gray slayer and werewolf lord on the level. The stairs down room is filled with wolves. I could have descended earlier, but wanted to get some wolf corpses. Unfortunately the lord is too tough for us to fight directly. And none of the wolves I killed dropped any corpses and neither did the ogre lord I met. In fact, all we have left to eat is some candy.

    The glass wand (which should be door creation) has 0 charged. The steel wand turned out to be a wand of cold. Our chain mail was damaged and I found a leather amulet.

    I think that's pretty much it. I'm sorry for the state I left us in. On the upside, I did use the symbol a lot. We might have a prayer in store now.
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