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Thread: The Weakest Link '09: League of Ice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Covenant View Post
    From what I understand, you have to survive your turn, regardless of whether you descend or not.
    No, this isn't exactly correct. See the discussion on the Mana league. If meh manages to get down the stairs and not die of some cause directly related to this level (eg. poisoning or spiders following him down the stairs), that is sufficient to secure him the win, because it shows that the level was winnable and he would have advanced further than any of his opponents before dying..

    Quote Originally Posted by Conundrum View Post
    Someone who's a finalist can't try the Abyss situation as I understand it.
    Yes, you're right. I see that posted on the Dark Orc challenge. Oh well, I can still try this for fun at least
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    No Abyss anyway... cut it awfully close though (70 turns...)

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    24000 Dropping everything I can and start praying.
    24019 Items destroyed and replaced by alternatives. It's good to have our sword back.
    24520 +6DV corruption.
    25233 Killed the frost giant.
    25494 Killed dark elven priestess.
    25930 Managed to kill the spiders and make it to the stairs. Waiting.
    25999 Going down.

    I was down to 1 HP and 6 PP and poisoned at one point, but got lucky and survived.

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    My, what an exciting turn. meh, please check you private messages.
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    Okay, there's been a bit of hullaballoo in the background. meh's previous report was poor, not stating the location of the dark elven priestess, which could be considered to have hindered the other players and benefitted him. After his turn I decided to investigate this, and have decided that though he reported poorly it was not with malicious intent. However, as punishment he is demoted to runner-up of Ice, with Covenant made winner. meh will receive last choice of starting position in the semi-finals, behind all other players. Having said that, I wish him the best of luck, since he has shown some skillful play and imaginative tactics.

    In the interests of openness and clarity, here's the message I sent to meh about this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Grey
    meh, there's been some serious dispute about your previous report and I need some clarification. Silfir and Soirana are copied into this discussion too. You said in your report:

    Quote Originally Posted by meh
    23345 After killing plenty of spiders, a dark elf priestess appears. Time to retreat.
    23413 Ran into a frost giant. Went past it and locked the door behind.
    However you did not specify where the priestess was or where you left the monster. Also didn't specify where she had summoned on the level. It seemed clear from watching your turn that you knew where the priestess was (in the stairs room) and how to approach. The others didn't have such an advantage - riktikticheck died because he tried teleporting onto the stairs and got surrounded by spiders on a different part of the level instead. With a more clear report that wouldn't have happened.

    So, I'm a bit concerned that you have won through unfair means, and have violated the rules even (which state that you must give report in full details and not gain advantage from your own knowledge of the situation). Thus I need to ask a few serious questions:

    1. Did you know the priestess' location?
    2. Did you know she had summoned spiders around the stairs?
    3. Did you yourself lead her into that room?
    4. Did you know the giant was in the room too?

    The rest of your actions I have no problem with - ring of doom plan was ingenious I must say. However not telling others about the position of an important group of monsters is against the rules, and has been brought up several times already in the games. I'd like to hear what you have to say on the matter before making any decision, and will likely bring up some discussion on the forums too.

    Silfir and Soirana, if you have anything further to say on this I'd appreciate hearing your points of view as well.

    Darren Grey
    And his response:

    Quote Originally Posted by meh
    I can't remember all the details, but this is mostly what happened during my previous turn:

    I came across the spiders and then the priestess. I ran away. The priestess followed, but I lost sight of her at some point. The giant was in the middle top room. I ran past him into the corridor and locked the door behind. I entered the stairs down room and locked that door as well. After a while, I decided to go back. I opened the first door and noticed that the giant must have shattered the other one. In the corridor I saw a few spiders, the priestess and possibly the giant. I immediately teleported away. The priestess might have summoned a couple of spiders, or then they ran into the room quickly. When I left it, there were only me and one or two spiders in the stairs room. I did not return to this part of the level during the remaining couple of hundred turns.

    In answer to your questions:

    1. I knew her approximate location.
    2. No.
    3. She must have obviously followed me, but I did not intentionally lead her there.
    4. I knew which part of the level he was in.

    In hindsight, my reporting was inadequate, but I never meant to gain any advantage from it.

    Finally, I learned much more precisely where the giant and priestess were, as well as how many spiders there might be waiting, by spectating all the failed attempts. This, of course, is no excuse, but I would probably have played a bit differently if I hadn't seen Covenant and Qui die.

    It never was my intention to break any rule, but in the end it's not just about intent. If you feel that what I've done is wrong, then you should disqualify me. I'm in this contest to have fun, not to win (obviously I wouldn't mind winning either), so I won't have any problem with whatever you decide.

    (I haven't sent PMs to multiple recipients before, but I hope this reaches everyone involved)

    And an interrogation session with myself and Soirana:

    There was some other discussion on #ancardia and between myself and Soirana before I had sent the message to meh, but I don't feel it relevant now. If anyone wants to see the long discussions I'll post the logs though.

    The league of Ice is now frozen over... Only the dying embers of Fire need to be put out before the semi-finals begin...
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    well personally i think he deserved to win regardless, as only he figured out how to destroy the ring of doom, and only without it would any one of us have had a chanse to survive that thing.

    so my cheers are with meh in the semis

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