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Thread: Anyone play on a laptop without a numpad? Share your keybindings?

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    I picked up ADOM on a laptop and have never played roguelike games with a numpad. My solution was just...


    up on the number row. It worked out by grouping each set 123/456/789 into a low/middle/high when I was started out but now I've been using this stupid system so long it's just reflex.

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    I used Ctrl+Right to go northeast, Ctrl+Up to go northwest, and so on.
    Worked more or less ok for me.

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    In my laptop, the arrow keys and and PgUp and PgDn keys form a straight 3 x 2 block of keys, so I binded north-west to PgUp, north-east to PgDn, south-west and south-east to \S\L and \S\R (space followed by left arrow or right arrow) and it works great!

    That extra space hitting isn't that much trouble since my thumbs are always over it and those two directions aren't even needed that often. As a consequence of this, I have to hit space two times when selecting a target for certain actions, but that hardly matters.

    When I need to wait or seleft myself as the direction of some actions, I just hit the '.' key, which is easy enough too, and works without custom keybindings.
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    I think I used to have 890iopkl÷ (÷ is right of l on finnish keyboards) for movement when playing on a laptop without numpad. Obviously some commands (namely [i]nventory, [o]pen, [p]ay, [k]ick and [l]ook) had to be bound to other keys. All but inventory and maybe look are used quite rarely though so it doesn't matter too much if those gets a bit harder to access.

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