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    This is a thread detailing information and other online sources of information for ADOM beginners, who us grizzled veterans affectionately refer to as "newbies". The first post will detail basic information and relatively spoiler-free sources. The second post will detail spoiler-rich sources, information about submitting bug reports and RFEs and answers to other questions which might come up. At the very end of the second post there is some information for people returning to the game after a long break. These posts will be updated as new sources are suggested. Without further ado:

    Beyond basic

    - Press > or h to enter a location on the starting map (hamlet, village, wilderness square, cave, tunnel etc.)
    - Press C to chat with creatures. Move into creatures to attack them with fists or wielded weapons/items.
    - Press l at any time for the look command.
    - Press S to save your game. Because ADOM is a roguelike game, saving is more of a "take a break" or "go to sleep" functionality: this means that you cannot "go back in game time" by loading a previous savegame and you cannot restore your game if you die. The only purpose of saving the game is being able to take a break and come back later.
    - Press ? at any time within the game to bring up the examine/look command, a complete list of the keybindings, the manual and the readme (FAQ). The readme only has information regarding gameplay in sections IV.D and V. Reading (and coming back to) the list of keybindings until you're used to them and reading the manual at least once will make your ADOM life more enjoyable and survivable. (If you happen to suffer from a fatal allergy brought on by prolongued exposure to manuals, make sure you at least read the "How to Start" section.)
    - The latest and greatest free version of the game is 3.0.6.

    Resources with no or minimal spoilers

    HTML manual / downloadable HTML manual (1.1.1 version; most of the information within still applies to the current version of the game)

    The ADOM FAQ

    Other useful online resources

    Official ADOM download site / installation/configuration FAQ
    ADOM Deluxe on Steam
    ADOM Deluxe on GOG
    Official ADOM blog

    My keyboard doesn't have a numpad. How do I move diagonally?

    Check this thread or this other one for suggestions on what to do. If after that you are looking to change the default keybindings by editing adom.kbd, see anon 123's post below for help with that.

    If you are playing the version with NotEye, there is another alternative, enabled by default: you can press Shift and the left-right arrow keys to move northwest and northeast and Ctrl and the left-right arrow keys to move southwest and southeast.

    How do I change the font/make the font bigger/make the window bigger/play fullscreen?

    On the Windows and OSX versions you can indeed change the font or make it bigger. If you make the font bigger, it will make the window bigger. In the current version, playing the game in fullscreen might require that you run the game from within an emulator if you are running the version without NotEye. Refer to anon123's post below and to this thread and this other thread.

    How do I turn the sounds and music off in the version with NotEye?

    Press Ctrl+m to open the NotEye menu and v for the sound menu, then enter 0 for the sound and/or music levels.

    What is the difference between the free version and the Deluxe version?

    This question is answered at the top of this FAQ.
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