So I figured I'd post here before messing around in the RFE section and potentially making a fool of myself.

So I play on a laptop that doesn't have a number pad. Some laptops will have some of the letter keys take number pad input when num lock is on, but not my laptop. Are there any other directional controls in the game? If not, would adding some be a good idea?

I was thinking that adding some controls like NetHack or vi could work, which use the inputs 'hjklyunm' for directions. Some of these keys have actions and would need to be changed.

h - I think I can count the number of times 'handle' is used in the game on 1 hand.
j - not used
k - kick, would need to be changed. Maybe K or ctrl-k?
l - look
y - not used (well, there's y/n questions, but you can't move when answering a y/n question anyway)
u - use, might be a hard one to rebind
n - name
m - as far as I know only drakelings use this command

Anyone else think this is a feasible idea?