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Thread: ADOM 2 Legends of Ancardia-Images of looks

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    Default ADOM 2 Legends of Ancardia-Images of looks

    Im trying to find out where the images are of in game footage. I read/saw somewhere that this game looked very much like Tales of Maj'Eyal, another favorite of mine.

    I don't care whether the game is really good in graphics. All I want to know is if the game has sprites like TOME has and not a letter in the form of a character. I don't mind donating some to see that and if it is already there, I will donate some

    Im sorry to sound mean, but Ive tried getting into the letter thing and I just cant. It would different even if the sprite didn't move.

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    ADOM II doesn't have tiles as far as I know. ADOM Classic does as of prerelease 14, and you can see some screenshots here.
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