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Thread: Pickaxes in 1.2 pre.14

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    Default Pickaxes in 1.2 pre.14

    Has anyone had a pickaxe break in the latest prerelease? I've gone through about 10 midgames without teleport (meaning extensive pickaxe use), including often clearing the ogre cave, and tunneling around the forest. So far I haven't broken a single pickaxe...

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    I've dug a room in the big room and around the animated forest and all the temples without one break. Thought my luck was immense, obviously a bug.

    Not complaining.

    Edit - As proof I'm still carrying 5 pickaxes. We should probably report this. In case all of us forget.
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    I wonder if this has anything to do with taking the luck bonus into account properly. Luck used to make fireproof blankets more likely to burn but that got fixed, maybe this was part of the same fix?
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