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    Lightbulb Greater Greater Identify

    I'm not sure whether I can or should post this as an issue, so I'll try here.

    I was interested which of the new artifacts were proposed by supporters from the indiegogo campaign, and I came up with an idea: I think it would be nice if Greater Identify had revealed this information.
    "This item was designed by name_goes_here for supporting "Resurrect ADOM development" campaign."

    I suppose not everyone would like to see such meta-information so it's visibility could be managed by a configuration option.

    The unique boss monsters could also show information who designed them, upon checking their description with 'l'ook command. Or alternatively with monster memory, only after defeating them.

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    I like the first one, although the wording could be a little more ambiguous. "This artifact is said/rumored to have been designed by -name- during the resurrection of Ancardia" or something similar. It could replace the "It is an artifact" line for those.

    Not sure about bosses. They already have a big spotlight with the special purple color, message upon meeting and description. Also, remember there's going to be a Tome of Donors as an in-game item.
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    Similarly to statues in the Bug Temple, names could be anagrams of their designers' names and descriptions likewise lore-friendly.

    "Rumor has it that the brave and mighty hero, Lyjel Rayles, equipped for his adventures only with a stone spear, created this *foo* to further enhance his ability to slay nasty jellies."
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    Quote Originally Posted by anon123 View Post
    "This artifact is said/rumored to have been designed by -name- during the resurrection of Ancardia"
    This sounds nice although I'm not fond of "said/rumored" part. And the anagrams too. I really wouldn't like the ambiquity. Anagrams can be nice if there is a way to verify those.
    I don't know how Tome of Donors is supposed to work, if it lists the actual names then anagrams elsewhere are fine. I would just like to know who designed what. That's a nice form of immortality in my opinion. Years later someone finds the artifact and thinks "Cool idea. That John Doe was a clever person."

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