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Thread: Have anybody played a succesful thief?

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    Yeah I had a thief I called Frodo Stabin (hurthling, duh) and I actually beat the game with him. The hurthlings I think are the perfect race for the class because they'll start with archery as well as skill level four in thrown rocks, which, yeah sounds lame but can actually do wonders to save your life at low level. Plus their agile and tough enough to stay alive in the early game.

    And yeah I guess an orcish thief would be pretty sweet, what with having the find weakness and all but if your like me I absolutely dread having new PCs start out with that big ugly "C" in the bottom right hand corner

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    I have a 21-st lvl Hurthling thief and she's doing well so far. Aggresive use of traps helps a lot. I've found some high damage weapons early on, too (damage adding suffixes).

    In theory, one problem about thieves might be that things that are most fun here are chaotic, like pickpocketing and backstabing. So all thieves are inclined towards Chaotic alignment in the long run. Same thing for necromancers. But generally I don't live long enough to actually see it.

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    It may be just randomness and confirmation bias, but I have always felt the RNG throws deprived characters a bone more often than ones born good, so all's well in the end.
    Idiots move in mysterious ways...

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