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Thread: What Kills You?

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    Default What Kills You?

    I've done this before but I was curious if anything has changed over the preleases.

    What kills you? Post your top five deaths from your Highscore list as well as your most common form of death for characters after the tower (if you don't have any, you will if you keep trying).

    5. L50 Drakish Wizard - Executed Himself (After Winning) with a magic missile misclick (magic missile is close to magic shovel)
    6. L38 GE Druid - Killed by Fisty, couldn't produce not enough damage output on D50 because he lacked good spells.
    7. L30 Ratling Archer - Blasted by Nurgy.
    8. L29 Drakish Barb - Killed by a quickling queen while defrosting on D50
    9. L25 Troll Barb - Technically killed by a Balor but about to be corrupted to a purple-J because he was crowned Chaotic fairly early.

    However, I have a three-way tie for what kills me (the most) : 3 deaths to Mimics (and 1 to a Stone Ooze), 3 to Nurgy, and 3 to the Catlord.

    Personally I think that Nurgy is balanced fine. However, I think Mimics and especially the Catlord are too strong. I've only managed to kill the Catlord a handful of times (otherwise just got lucky and avoided him). He's super fast and often hits for 100-150 a roundwhen disabled. Just my two-cents.
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    11. L50 hurthling chaos Knight - She was transformed into a chaos being in the palace of Andor Drakon.

    12. L50 hurtling chaos Knight - She was devoured after failing the final test on level 50 of the caverns of chaos.

    13. L49 high elven healer - She was transformed into a chaos being in the palace of Andor Drakon.

    14. L44 hurtling chaos Knight - She was devoured after failing the final test on level 50 of the caverns of chaos.

    15. L23 ratling beastfighter - he was killed by a master mimic on level 30 of the caverns of chaos.

    Lol, that is funny. All wannabe gods except the rat.

    16. L30 human weaponsmith - He was transformed into a chaos being in a damp cave on level 1. (This one lost his climbing set while fighting Keriax and tried to morph one using the crown.)

    That is all my death post the Tower. Oh wait where is Rincewind.

    Here he is.

    26. L24 human wizzard - He was killed by a casino guard on level 30 of the caverns of chaos. (Teleportitis after gambling and me stupidly stepping away from the master mimic to just outside the shop) Chaos is my friend it is coining, lol.
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    Lvl 26 grey elven wizard - crited by mino emp after inadvertently magic missiling herself from 350 to 150 HP with raging and panicking mino emp already critically wounded.
    Lvl 28 dark elven necro - killed by extremely experienced artifact guardian large rust monster in DH:2
    Lvl 22 dark elven mindcrafter - petrified by gorgon 20 turns after being precrowned with ring of immunity
    Lvl 41 grey elven wizard - sacrificed by a greater demon to his gods in gremlin cave. Attempted to convert C altar and sacced wrong amount of gold which summoned greater demons

    My most recent one:
    Lvl 18 grey elven wizard was shredded by chaos piranhas. I dropped enough items to have ~1950 stones of weight. After all the ring is light. However, a skeletal warrior killed on the island dropped a spellbook of teleportation that I badly needed.
    I picked it up, took the ring and stepped on the ice which broke and I fell into water.
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    dont remeber levels but my last 4 deaths are as follows:-

    killed by ancient white dragons summoned by yuglash after reducing speed of drakeling to 10 cause i forgot abt speed reduction
    killed by quickling queens summoned by yuglash (i hate that guy)
    killed buy quickling queen on mt mixed tension room after it went rage after my fireball wand brought it down to critical (my bad i didnt go coward b4 doing that i was beserking like a boss)
    killed by casino owner (lvl 48 barbarian after winning) after my tremendous blow didnt connect (980 hp to zero ..zzzzz)
    petrified by gorgon in uc4 (damn ascii mode) (i had petrification resistance by pool sipping but lost it to a pool that gave me a wish.zzz)

    on a side note...ive never been killed by asb, sfb, yuglash himself , only 2 times by nuuragwanblahblah and 2 times by acw(back when i was a noob)
    i usually die to myself and my stupidity and overconfidence or sometimes in the early game if rng isnt kind

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    Too many to list specifically...

    Off the top of my head, most common endgame killer for me is probably cat lord or Nurgy, probably with around 10 deaths each. After that... I've had bad luck with berserking ancient dragons and wyrms and probably have another 10 deaths between the various species. After that is probably balors/fisty, with maybe five, and Andor, with about the same. Ghost lords/kings as well. Probably close to 10 there. Doppleganger kings... maybe five. After that... A few from golems, diamond and eternium. A few from Earth Temple monsters, though not ASB. A few from quickling queens. At least one by a werewolf king. A couple from shopkeepers. One or two from mimics, I think. I'm sure I've been killed by a greater moloch before, and a (greater) titans. Maybe one or two from ancient blue wyrm and a couple from mommy water dragon. Emperor lich is likely. I've been through the endgame enough that I've seen a few deaths from almost any seriously dangerous endgame monster, I guess.
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    Long time since anything got me in the late game. From what I remember, lost a perfectly good troll paladin to Nuurag (thought I could wait one more turn before healing, turned out I couldn't :P), lost a drakish bard to WMoPC on D:50, was my first char ever to get there and was woefully underprepared. It was my first and only death there. I think I lost a barbarian or two to late game mimics. Possibly one more death to Nuurag, I'm not quite sure... Anyway, these were all long time ago, back in 1.1.1 and some of them in 1.0.0. These days if I clear the ToEF, I win. Perhaps the new releases will change that...

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    First I ever got to D50, was killed by a balor. Others were blasted by Nuurag, drowned by the water dragon (accidentally, during adompossible), paralyzed by a mimic hivemind (surge of power guardian generated next to the stairs), and killed by the casino shopkeeper. Oddly enough I seem to have much more trouble in the late game than early or mid. I do like it that way though.

    Another which was before ToEF was killed in a strange way, when I 'w'alked in the ToTHK. Usually the character stops before going into the water, but apparently they keep going if it's frozen.

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    What kills me most often? Boredom-induced carelessness. "Okay, let's do this greater giant vault... *leans on direction key* Whoops, it looks like a couple of critical hits took me down over the course of 4 turns and I couldn't react in time! Okay, next..." Or "Hey, I'm drowning in the water, and have 21 HPs left with 1 tile to cross... so far, I haven't received over 16 damage. I am probably very close to my deity and could pray to restore the other 100 HPs I have, but I can't be bothered building my piety back up - remember, I have a precrown to-... oh."

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    I'm a noob if there ever was one, but I would say, hands down, paralyzation.

    My last go I was finished by a stone ooze (looked like a grey, should read more).

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    I can honestly say I have never had one of my characters die, but it has been really sad reading about all your character deaths. You should all play more carefully
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