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Thread: Lillith, Insane Dark Elf Weaponsmith, lost to fatal crash

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    Thumbs down Lillith, Insane Dark Elf Weaponsmith, lost to fatal crash

    Probably my best melee character ever and leading contender for my first melee winner (well, aside from a Monk ULE many many years ago). No .flg as the character was lost to a random crash leaving D:30 (bug report submitted already!)

    Precrowned with Death's Blade; Crowned early with Bracers of War (decided to go easymode and forego Ultras). Smithed the hell out of my gear and killed the ACW in melee in about 3 hits without him once touching me. Strolled through Darkforge, did the Ice Queen's 3 quests (after which she started looping the reward for the 3rd; another bug report submitted!) Levelled a bit in the Dwarven Halls, took out a couple of Ancient Dragons and a Greater Moloch. Turns out the only thing that could stop Lillith was the game itself!

    .flg would have looked a bit like this:

    Crowned Campion of Law (Lightning Immunity)

    Eternium Cap [+9/+10]
    Black + Red + Blue Dragon Scale Mails [all around +6/+13]
    Eternium Girdle [+6/+10]
    Eternium Two-Handed Sword of Devastation (Darkforge; outhit and outdamaged Death's Blade, which I'd been using until I found this)
    Bracers of War
    Gauntlets of Strength [~+4/+10] +3 str
    Blessed 7LB / Mithril Boots ~[+6/+6]

    Ring of Djinni Summoning sitting in inventory just in case. Multiple scrolls and potions of cure corruption. Small stacks of scrolls of protection, defense, melee accuracy etc standing by should I want them. Also blessed potions of extra and ultra healing.... basically everything you could want.

    ST: ~35; LE: ~25; TO: ~30; DX: ~30... HP: ~300; Level ~30
    DV around 50-70, varied on tactics, PV around 50 I think

    Maxed out Find Weakness. Alertness, Courage, Tactics all 60+ and rising
    Two handed weapon mastery
    Sword mastery

    Occasionally fought with a Long sword of Devastation / Adamantium Warhammer and a crystal tower shield. Had recently found an eternium tower shield and eternium plate mail and was considering smithing them.


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    If you are playing prerelease 21 or later there should be a backup savefile.

    Edit - Oh nvm, I see you've located the backup.
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    Learn to learn.

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