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    Meet claw bug.

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    Ha, me too. Or rather a dozen of them, bred whilst I was healing and killing stuff on the rest of the level. Got around 6k points.

    Hours later I remember 'm'...
    Gate closers: L+ DE Mindcrafter (p20), N= Gnomish Assasin (p20), N= Gnomish Mindcrafter (p23), N= Ratling Ranger (R49)

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    Killed by a pit viper trap on level 1. Tried again unofficially, killed by a room of kobolds on level 1.

    I think the layout should stay the same, so we actually have something to discuss ("yeah, I remember this room of kobolds, good that I have escaped").
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    1198 Kr'sss'si (alkhwarizmi). L3 drakish mindcrafter (M). 368 xps.
    991 turns. Died on 11/16/2014.
    He was killed by a white worm on level 3 of some ancient
    caves. [C1 H1 M= G+ T=]

    I spat like the fist of the north star, but there were too many white worms on that level. I entered the level at 5 HP or so from fleeing from something, waited out to heal, and the buggers apparently multiplied without me hearing a sound. When I opened the door and set to explore the level, they were everywhere.

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