Tried the latest Challenge of the Week tonight with the male Orcish Bard.
Firstly, I found it interesting that he didn't actually start with a companion. No matter, though, I soon picked up several different friends including a couple of dire wolves who were very useful.
The first couple of levels were gentle enough. I shared kills and XP with my companions so as not to fall too far behind, and grabbed a leather cap at [0,+3] that was cursed (not that I cared with those stats).
Then, on level 3 of the ancient caves, I walked down the stairs and straight out into a short corridor leading to an already-open mixed tension room, full of highly levelled monsters for that area. I killed and ordered my way through most of them, including a least daemon (not too bad at level 3-4!) but unfortunately I was then swarmed by a werewolf and all his summons. Handily despatched the few wolves that didn't immediately fall to the charms of my lute, and ended the game with three of the werewolf's own wolves desperately trying to take him down. Unfortunately that hit roll was a little bit too high..