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Thread: Puppy cave 6 difficulty

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    Default Puppy cave 6 difficulty

    Has PC 6 always had the chance for crazy dangerous monsters, and I just got unlucky with the vault? I had multiple good early prospects get killed there just recently by multiple skeletal warriors, a ratling warlord, and a gorgon. I don't usually see a gorgon in game at all unless I go to the library.

    I just got the steam version though - used to play on pre60.

    Edit: now that I think more about it, the correct (and simple!) solution would have been to just leave immediately after visiting so that the puppy lives, then come back way later. Still, a gorgon?!
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    Always run away from random vaults. I don't know what the rules are but they don't seem to respect DL.

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    They respect lesser vault rules. Mixed vault scales just the same as any other vaults. It's just that those orc/undead/gnoll vaults are so much easier than mixed vaults which can contain higher DL monsters like gorgons and stuff.

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    I'm always sad to find random vault. You generally always have to run away and come back several levels later with better equips. My current game also has random vault in puppy cave... Luckily I found puppy corpse outside. Random vault should give better rewards so it's worth risking it.

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    Yeah, mixed vaults also seem to scale with DL pretty good so they stay an undetermined threat later on to a whole lot of characters. Always nasty when you score something unusual that also doesn't typically come experienced.

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