good run for me! I don't play many of these but this was a little better

challenge game:
-low hunger game
- almost always, only descending to look for food when I ran out (except for running from rust monster tension room on I:12 that
ate my spear of devastation, and last few levels running from enemies in general)
-need summoners for wolf/jackal/giant rat corpses
-ammo destruction is way too fast :< wish it'd be toned down for rocks at least, lots of stacks of 2
-got acid blood around I:13, one large eye and thorn hands I:14
-scroll shop ~ID:8 (spent 18k gold)
-potion shop ~ID:12 (robbed with scroll of tele)
-no holy water as of lv 18/I:14
-drank some ! of exchange on I:14 for satiation, ended up pretty much swapping St/Le for 16 St 22 Le
-died to low healing combined with an Ice Vortex...