I thought this challenge was a lot of fun, and I normally hate bards!

Got the playthrough up on my channel: Warning! Foul language.

Gregory spent the majority of his time running away from things and throwing bits of clay as he ran. Normally I don't do well with bards, but I feel like Gregory was alright!

This was my first challenge run so I did not know you could not exit the infinite dungeon and I did not know that you could not go up floors! I tried keeping an escape route available until I figured that out!

Some fire beetles were tamed and I tried to keep them around until I could get my food preservation up, in hopes that they would drop a corpse and I could earn much-needed fire resistance. That didn't work, but it did lead to a funny encounter with a doppelganger! Then I got my hopes up of earning poison resistance when I found a den of spiders. Somehow, I cleared out the den with a spider corpse in my inventory but a dark elf appeared and summoned EVEN MORE SPIDERS.

Thus ended the life of Gregory, a high elven bard.